Balanced Well Being LLC Get back to
BEING WELL with us!
We are here to help you through the challenges life brings.
Talk with us about what’s on your mind. We want to help!

We are here for you!

Get back to
BEING WELL with us!

We are here to help you through the challenges life brings.
Talk with us about what’s on your mind. We want to help!

We are here for you!


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  • KIKI Anderson
    They are very thorough with their health testing and provide a complete picture of your health. The supplements they use to balance the body are top quality. This is a great place to go if you are looking to get a deeper look into your body's wellbeing
    KIKI Anderson
  • Mackenzie Ladd
    I absolutely have loved my experiences with Balanced Wellbeing. I am beyond blessed for the people and what this office has done for my health and my life. It is a true investment in yourself to put your health first. The approach that Balanced Wellbeing follows will help you reach your best health and best self. Whether it is extensive like mine was or maybe a basic work up, I recommend this office over and over. I will continue to work with them as we keep reaching for optimal health! I am so very grateful! Thank you Balanced Wellbeing!
    Mackenzie Ladd
  • Sara Moll
    So lucky to have found this amazing practice. The entire staff is incredibly kind, friendly and highly knowledgeable and competent. The time, thoroughness and thought that goes into care here is unheard of. Worth every cent as I have seen remarkable results in my overall health since first seeing them only a few months ago. Thank you so much!
    Sara Moll
  • Nancy Hoyer
    I have had an excellent experience at the office of Dr. Parikshit Deshmukh. It is refreshing to feel heard and cared for in a medical office. Dr. Parikshit Deshmukh, and all his associates, are professional, knowledgeable, caring and thoughtful as they strive to heal everyone who walks through their door. I am finally feeling good after many years of feeling poorly. THIS is how medicine is supposed to be practiced. Highly recommend!
    Nancy Hoyer
  • Belinda Sanders
    If you aren’t getting answers from conventional medicine and continue to feel poorly, go visit the team at Balanced Wellbeing! It is like getting hooked up to a fire hose, but I promise, it will change your life in such a positive way forever. So knowledgeable, kind and genuine. These ladies have helped me feel great!!
    Belinda Sanders
  • Dianne Doane-Bustetter, APRN-FNP
    We appreciate all the hard work and dedication your provider gives to every patient we care for. The way your provider communicates with our staff really shows how much of a team player your team is.
    Dianne Doane-Bustetter, APRN-FNP
  • Chelsea Carter, RN
    Thank you so much for your provider's rapid response to the needs of our residents. We appreciate that your providers are as invested in their wellbeing as we are. We look forward to a long and productive relationship.
    Chelsea Carter, RN

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