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COVID-19 and Balanced Wellbeing LLC

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, CRP will continue providing all of its services through video/audio platforms only. We are continuing to accept new patients, but all sessions will be carried out through video/audio only. Please call our office with any questions, and we are wishing everyone strong health!

How we are handling this virus outbreak...

During this time of uncertainty related to COVID-19, nursing homes have restricted access to residents from loved ones, friends, and even health care workers. This virus does not affect just someones physical body - we have seen our patients have increased anxiety, depression, and other psychiatric related symptoms increase due to fear and isolation.

We here at Balanced Wellbeing LLC have taken every possible precaution to keep our staff healthy, as well as continue to provide the stellar psychiatric services our patients and facilities are used to. We have reduced our staffs interactions with patients and facilities as much as possible - support staff are now working completely remotely. We have complied with all requests and indications for personal protection equipment (PPE). And we have transitioned as much of our practice to telepsych visits as possible, all with the support of our psychiatrist Dr. Pari Deshmukh.

It is imperative during these times that we stay as involved in our patients care as possible, as well as follow and implement all CDC infection control protocols.

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