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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is telepsychiatry equally effective as in-person visits?
Yes. Telepsychiatry appointments are of equal standard of care as in-person appointments. Telepsychiatry can be better by reducing wait times, stigma, and travel difficulties associated with going to an office. In the context of COVID-19 outbreak, telepsychiatry can lower viral spread.
2Which areas do you provide service to?
Our providers are licensed in the state of Florida. Using our telepsych program, we can provide services to patients living anywhere in the state of Florida.
3What is the technology you use for telepsych encounters?
We use HIPAA compliant Zoom teleconference technology. It is a free to use software which can be downloaded on your desktop, laptop, or tablet- or its free to use app can be downloaded on your android or apple phone. For more information, please visit www.zoom.us

If for any reason the Zoom platform does not work for your computer or phone, we have other easy to use platforms that we will discuss with you during your orientation phone call.
4Will I continue to receive Telepsych services even after the resolution of the COVID-19 outbreak?
If you are a self-pay patient, or a direct Medicare patient, there will be absolutely no barrier continuing your services.

If you have other insurances or a Medicare HMO/replacement plan, they may decline to cover Telepsychiatry services after the COVID-19 outbreak is resolved. At this time we are awaiting further guidance from these insurance companies. If this is the case, we can discuss payment options with you or assist you with transitioning to another office. Please contact us for more information.
5How do I make payments?
We accept payment over the phone with your credit or debit card, or through reputable secure software square. We also accept checks made out to Balanced Wellbeing LLC. – A $25 fee will be processed for any bounced checks.

    Thank you! your consent form is submitted successfully. Now please complete your appointment booking.

      Thank you! your consent form is submitted successfully. Now please complete your appointment booking.