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Why Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living Facilities Should Choose Us?

Our company, Balanced Wellbeing LLC, specializes in improving life quality of residents at nursing homes and assisted living facilities through mental health support while ensuring the optimal facility psychiatric regulatory compliance. This company is led by Dr. Parikshit Deshmukh who is a triple board-certified psychiatrist (in general psychiatry, addiction medicine, integrative holistic medicine), a certified psychotherapist and an elected fellow of American Psychiatric Association and American Society of Addiction Medicine.
Our Company's Track Record :
1. Eight years of proven track record of -
~ Improving Quality Measures of the facilities
~ Improving 5 Star Rating of the facilities
~ Helping facilities avoid psychiatric F-tags
~ Improving reputations and thus referrals to skilled nursing homes and assisted living facilities
~ Achieving successful gradual dose reductions (GDRs)
~ Keeping psychotropics (anti psychotics, anti-anxiety, antidepressants, sedatives and hypnotics etc.) numbers low that has been proven by our multi-centered long-term research project
~ Improving the psychiatric symptoms of patients
~ Improving the quality of life and mental health of residents
~ Reducing return to hospital rate
~ Conducting regular multi-disciplinary psychotropic meetings
2. Experience of taking care of over 55 nursing facilities and 35 assisted living facilities consistently over the years.
3. Proven effective protocols to enhance psychiatric screenings for depression, cognitive impairment, psychological trauma, PTSD, anxiety, bipolar disorder, alcohol and substance use, and dementia.
4. Proven effective protocols to assist with meeting PDPM (patient derived payment model) goals by active psychiatric screening by psychiatric professionals.
5. Highly trained and specialized psychiatric professionals under the guidance of Dr. Pari Deshmukh, Psychiatrist to take care of nursing and assisted facility psychiatric needs.
6. Consistent visits by psychiatric professionals on our pre-determined weekdays. We visit our facilities multiple times per week.
7. Assistance with Baker Acts.
8. Assistance with medical decision-making capacity assessments.
9. Timely filing of our elaborate documentation on each patient encounter which is helpful in -
~ Improving care coordination
~ Protecting against legal liabilities
~ Protecting against CMS surveys
~ Protecting against AHCA complaint surveys
~ Protecting against insurance payer audits
10. 24/7 emergency care provided with :
~ Telephonic assistance with new admissions and acute issues
~ Telepsychiatry (telemedicine/telehealth) services using free to download, easy to use, HIPAA compliant app
11. A free to download company app for facility staff to
~ Support HIPAA compliant texting
~ Call our providers
~ Refer patients
~ Request medication refills
~ Watch psychiatric educations videos
~ Fill out satisfaction survey on our providers and staff
12. Providers ongoing active communication with
~ Facility staff
~ Patient family members
~ Primary care physician team
13. Psychiatric educational classes for facility staff.
14. Ability to offer genetic testing to find out more appropriate psychiatric medicines for residents.
15. A dedicated prior authorization team.
16. Integrative and holistic psychiatric care.
17. Home psychiatric health care program to offer telephonic support, in-person and online telepsych (telehealth/telemedicine) counseling and psychiatric medication managements for the patients who get discharged to home or assisted living environments. Further assistance to patients is provided as requested by patients.

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